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Anil Kapoor Teases Mr. India's Return with Google Pixel 8!

Anil Kapoor's recent Instagram post had generated excitement among fans as he cryptically hinted at the return of the iconic character, Mr. India. Now, it's revealed that Mr. India has collaborated with a brand for an ad campaign and its the best thing you will see on the internet.

Anil shared the video on his social media with the caption,"

In flesh and unfiltered, just the time-tested and timeless soul of Arun Verma reappearing to entertain and thrill you. So watch this screen carefully because this superhero has been known to disappear at the drop of his hat 😉

India's first superhero Arun Verma is back and we are here for it! Anil Kapoor's fun and interesting ad with Google ends with the screen flashing 'To be Continued' which certainly means there's more to come.


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