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Apeksha Porwal Prefers Opting For Author Backed Roles - Global Bol

Apeksha Porwal Proves Her Mettle By Choosing Performance Backed Roles

Actress Apeksha Porwal has been paving her way through Bollywood and internationally by getting handpicked for unconventional roles that push her to her limits. Being a trained method actor, from Jeff Goldberg Studio, Mumbai, she debuted in the web show Undekhi, where she played a part of a tribal. Apeksha had our eyes pop with such a promising screen time.

She did t stop and took her international flight bagging her first international project within 2 years with the English-Arabic series Slave Market, where she was the first Indian actor to play the lead character of Princess Lavani, for which her performance was highly appreciated. Season two is already in the making. This promising performance has grabbed bigger producers attention and acting offers are pouring in.

Apeksha has also graced various leading magazine covers, where she has looked all svelte and glamorous. This talented beauty is taking time to choose her projects consciously, as she prefers picking out roles that showcase her talent and challenge her. She has been setting her standards high and has been making waves across the Middle Eastern media. The fans of the show are already waiting eagerly for its next season to come out.


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