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Are you a fan of Wahaj Ali, then don’t miss out on these 5 dramas of the new heartthrob of Pakistan.

who is winning hearts in India

Are you hopping from channel to channel too? Surfing constantly, trying to find something new and exciting to binge on? Then take this cue and explore an unusual; maybe different to what you have been watching – Pakistani Drama! A visual treat for those of the cinephiles out there who love drama that is both rich in emotions and cultural nuances.

Pakistani shows and Pakistani artists have already created a huge fan base among the hearts of Indian audiences. Right from Fawad Khan to Mahira Khan to Saba Qamar, Pakistani stars have wooed us with their incredible performances on screen!

And now, Wahaj Ali, our recent favourite Pakistani actor has left a mark on the audience in India.

While introducing the best to you, we have listed down a few of the all-time fan favourites of Wahaj Ali, Pakistan’s heartthrob, and is the most sort after actor on Pakistani screens at the moment. From anthologies to romantic dramas, Wahaj has showcased this acting prowess with each character he has dawned on screens to be a global hit. Here are the top 5 picks that prove why Wahaj is the impeccable actor to watch out for.

Tere Bin

chemistry of Meerasim.

A show that has taken the world by storm. Tere Bin revolves around the story of how Yumna Zaidi a girl with an open-minded outlook on life was forced to marry Wahaj Ali after learning the shocking reality of her life. The show is the perfect of love and hate combination for all those hopeless romantics out there who want to experience emotions out of the world. Fans all over the globe have cherished and loved the unexplainable

Dil E Bereham

Dil E Bereham is an intense and realistic show that has the capability to keep us hooked from the second you hit play; making us addicted to this gripping tale of love and vengeance. This nail-biting drama starring Wahaj Ali and Amar Khan is a burst of emotions and sinful scheming with the love of their life. The captivating story revolves around how Amar gets married to Wahaj to fulfill her undying revenge but falls in love along the way. Will she continue

with her revenge or make a turn? Tune into Zindagi to find out what the universe has planned for Amar.

Dil-e-Bereham will air from 14th August at 8:30 PM sharp only on Zindagi DTH service (Tata Play, Dish TV, D2H, Airtel).


cast and unique storyline.

Ehd-e-Wafa starring prominent actors like Osman Khalid Butt, Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmad Ali Akbar, Wahaj Ali, and Zara Noor Abbas is a light-hearted drama based on true friendship. It’s a story of four friends who cross paths in the Cadet College Murree and as time flies by this strong relationship of hopes, goals, and aspirations changes over time as they witness hardships and betrayals in their lives. This show was an ultimate fan favorite for its ensemble

Pink Shirt

Pink Shirt starring Wahaj Ali and Sajal Ali is an upcoming Zindagi original which has quickly garnered many eyes even before the release of the show. This drama includes the much-anticipated pairing of Wahaj Ali and Sajal Ali for the first time. In the recent view to stir fruitful conversations about her upcoming show ‘Pink Shirt,’ Sajal Ali shared a still from the show.


A recently launched show, Mein starring the national crush of Pakistan - Wahaj Ali with popular Ayeza Khan in the lead roles is a drama that is a beautiful blend of intense and engaging strong emotions. This story of love and ego will witness the most wanted collaboration of Wahaj and Ayeza’s on-screen chemistry for the first time ever, in this drama.

Loved our recommendations? Tune into Zindagi DTH to find even more engaging and captivating Pakistani dramas that are binge-worthy


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