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Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with Dhvani Bhanushali’s single Jadoo from her first album Lagan…

*Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with Dhvani Bhanushali’s single Jadoo from her first album Lagan*

This Valentine’s Day, Dhvani Bhanushali brings back the magic with a romantic-dance track that’s sure to have you swooning. Titled ‘Jadoo’, the track from the singer’s first album Lagan is sung by Dhvani with male vocals by Ash King, music by Abhijit Vaghani and lyrics by Shloke Lal.

The song talks about the intoxication of love, the visuals are bright and vibrant while being modern and contemporary. Featuring the pop sensation alongside Mir Tawseef, the music video directed by Piyush-Shazia showcases the sizzling chemistry between the leads as Dhvani takes on some versatile looks.

Says Dhvani Bhanushali on Jadoo, “Lagan gives you songs dedicated to different stages of love and Jadoo emotes how life is magical when you have the ONE with you. It is a token of love to all the listeners on this Valentine’s Day.”

Speaking about the album and Jadoo, composer Abhijit Vaghani says, "When an album like Lagan is made with a versatile singer like Dhvani, I felt we have to showcase her vocals in different forms, different tempos and different genres of songs. Specifically for the male vocals in Jadoo, having Ash King on board was so essential.

Firstly we wanted to recall the Mera Yaar vibe and Jadoo also has Afrobeats and who better than Ash to compliment Dhvani. In Jadoo I have attempted vocal chops on Dhvani’s portions that sound like a symphony."

Says director duo Piyush-Shazia, “We wanted to do Cool and Dreamy music video for ‘Jadoo’ so you will see Dhvani in distinct looks, there are elements related to Nature in the video that pop out visually that are contemporary and immediately catch your eye. Dhvani and Mir share some electric chemistry in the track and this one is another great song from us and Dhvani.”

Jadoo is out now on Hitz Music YouTube channel.


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