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Director Saumitra Singh Is Back With Another Masterpiece Un-Social - Global Bollywood…read story…

*Director Saumitra Singh Is Back With Another Masterpiece Un-Social*

In the twenty-first century, social media has been life-changing and ubiquitous. It enables users to connect, share expertise, and learn new things. Of course, it has flaws. It can foster unrealistic body image expectations and be detrimental to mental health by providing countless comparisons to others and also can be a platform for bullies, creating unrealistic expectations, trolling and also harassment.

Director Saumitra Singh decided to shine a light on such issues and came up with the intriguing title Un-Social. "First and foremost, I want to thank all the gorgeous ladies, Abhi Raj Sharma, Krazyfox, Iqrar, Manish, and the team, This concept was developed to raise awareness about trolling, bullying, and harassment on social media. This is an extremely sensitive subject to discuss and raise a voice against it. So this is our initiative to show what women on social media are going through” said Director Saumitra.

Actresses who are part of this project shared their thoughts

“ It was a fun shoot, and Saumitra made us all feel so at ease that we were able to vent in his presence. The concept allowed us to give it back to the slimeballs who sexualize us on social media. Thank you, Saumitra; #NaariShakti in a new avatar! Returning and expressing our feelings from the bottom of our hearts.”

“The shoot was enjoyable. I'm grateful to Saumitra for allowing me to share my experience in such situations, and I'm grateful to Krazyfox for providing such a beautiful setting. Whereas most females face social media trolling, abusive comments, threatening messages, and other forms of harassment from these "online criminals," I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to speak up for all women.”

The video is helmed and concept created by Saumitra Singh. Produced by Krazyfox Studios & Co-produced by Shipra Singh. Compilation & research done by Abhi Raj Sharma. The video starring Ssmiley Suri, Navya Singh, Erika Jason, Neha Vyaso, Khushbu Savaliya & Rabiat Baysoltanovna Osaeva.


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