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Dream Girl' Hema Malini relive the status at unveiling of 'SOCIETY ACHIEVERS'!

If there ever was any quintessential beauty that defined Indianness, Hema Malini fitted the 'Dream Girl' iconic status to the T.

In the august company of  Media Magnate Nari Hira, Ashok Dhamankar, Andrea Costabir and a host of dignitaries present along with the media, Hema Malini unveiled the cover of 'Society Achievers', held at Taj Santacruz, that celebrated her as the 'Woman of substance' legacy in Bollywood & her public life as a Member of Parliament. It is beyond doubt that Hema Malini has been the 1st Superstar actress in India!

When requested to address on her life journey, she said " I would like to thank Mr. Nari Hira & the Magnate group for bestowing me the ' Society Achiever' award. The award is a recognition for people from different facets of life who serve the people, beginning from the grassroots level. The youth of India should be in the forefront for the service of the people. The Magnate group had done my 1st Coffee table book, by author Ram Kamal Mukherjee, so I consider it very special.

She added "There are 3 facets that defines my personality- As an Actress, Dancer & as a politician. My mantra in life is 'Jab tak jiyenge, Tab tak karenge' . I have lived a life of 200 characters onscreen & will continue to do so, provided I get the right role"



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