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Film Review: “NEEYAT”

Ratings : ⭐️⭐️⭐️

everyone has bad intentions! No one is perfect, watch the film in theatres to knowing fact. & proved me wrong.

NEEYAT is a story surrounded by suspense, mystery, a large scale film shot entirely in London, Scotland, the film has a large level cast, which is enough to grow the story of a film. Helpfully, the story of the film is somewhat suspense mystery-style, when a mysterious murder takes place at the birthday celebration of exiled billionaire Ashish Kapoor, So detective Meera Rao has to use all her skills to uncover the ulterior motives as the suspects are close family and friends of Kapoor. you can say he is in the main lead role in the film start to end.

Vidya Balan in the film Meera Rao In the film, I have played my character very well as CBI officer Meera Rao, although his character is not so harsh as a CBI officer, but he has played his character very well as a character in the film, There's a twist to his character that I'd rather not say If you watch the film, you will enjoy it more than I know.

Ram Kapoor is playing the role of a big business tycoon in this film as Ashish Kapoor, whose character is one, plotting a big scam in the country and getting out of the country with a huge amount of money, and the country at any cost. But there is a purpose to catch him, he has played his character very well and his acting has killed him in the film till the last moment, his role has been very important from the beginning till the end of the film,

Nikki Walia is playing the role of Zara in this film but the surprising thing is that their relationship is not husband wife but something else, depending on the story you can change any relation but first being sister and later I am wife. Show off, that's a bit of a thought, in this film she's playing a tarot card reader,

Shahana Goswami is playing the role of Lisa in this film, she loves Ashish Kapoor very much, although her role is not much but she has played her character very well, This is her next film after Zwigato with Kapil Sharma.

Rahul Bose is playing the role of Jimmy Mistry in this film, who is Ashish Kapoor's childhood friend. His role is really funny, in real life everyone knows that he is a great actor, and he has played his character very well. Well done, kudos to the clan.

Prajakta Koli and Shashank Arora have done in this film Boy Friend & Girl Friend , in which Shashank is playing the role of Ryan Kapoor, Prajakta is playing the role of a secret TV journalist, Gigi and both of them have played their character well. ,

Neeraj Kabi is playing the role of a doctor in this film, Sanjay Suri is his character, and I liked his work a lot and just playing the role of a special friend of Ashish Kapoor, you will see a lot of twists in the film

Amrita Puri alias Kay  is a very interesting character, she is very close to Ashish Kapoor, from the beginning to the end of the film, she has a huge contribution in the whole story, without talking about her, it would not be appropriate to say anything about this film and watch it.

Shefali Shah: The real Meera Rao and this is such a mode of the film where you would not have thought and this twist will come in front of you, it is a small cameo but it will change the story of the whole film in a jiffy.

Screen Play: The screen play of the film is a bit slow where you will feel that the film is a bit slow but the film is directed by Anu Menon, in real life she lives in the UK but her direction is really good This film has been shot in a Heritage Castle, Scotland, the entire film has been shot at one place in a very charming place, Which is very attractive, the producer of the film is Vikram Malhotra, whose production has been made by abundantia production, the film has been made in a very good way, if people do not like the film a little, then only And only the screen play of the film is a bit slow, apart from this there is no shortcoming in the film, you can watch the film by going to the cinema near you.

There is no such vulgar scene in the film, there is no abusive language that you cannot watch with your family, you can enjoy the film with your family. The duration of the film is two hours and 12 minutes.


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