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Film Review: 'NRI Wives: Gray Stories of Love vs Desires' - Global Bollywood

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Along with our work, how much time we are able to give to our family, and if we are not able to give it, then how much it affects the family, especially the wife, so far many films have been made in Hindi cinema. The matter gets stuck at the same place in every story whether money is important or family. Is the person running after money unable to give time to his family responsibilities?

Or do the family members expect too much from him? If man is not able to give time to his wife due to busy work, then is it right for wife to be attracted to another man. Sex or lust is everything in life or there is something else in life beyond that. The film "NRI Wives: Gray Stories of Love vs Desires" contains the answers to all such questions.

The film 'NRI Wives: Gray Stories of Love vs Desires' is a filmography of four stories. Through these stories, the film dives into the gray shades of human relationships, emotions, desires and curiosity. The four stories have nothing to do with each other. The first story 'Old Secret' revolves around Raima Sen, Gaurav Gera and Sadia Siddiqui.

The second story revolves around Bhagyashree, Hiten Tejwani and Kapil Arora. The third story 'Dezires' revolves around Kiku Sharda, Aditi Gowariker, Javed Pathan, Vidhi Dahiya and the third story 'Taboo' revolves around Jugal Hansraj, Gunjan Kuthiala, Sameer Soni, Olivia Malhotra.

At the end of NRI Wives, its creator Gunjan Kutharia says: There are always two choices in life. One, keep crying for what we do not have and two, whatever we have got in life, keep it happily on our chest.

NRI Wives is a perfect blend of emotions, relationship, drama, betrayal, love, desires, curiosity, lust and much more. The low budget film has managed to tick all the right boxes except music. It is a refreshing film that brings a different alternative from contemporary cinema.

NRI Wives is an anthology film and its subject can be understood from the title.

The story of NRI Wives delves into the forbidden aspects of human relationships, emotions, desires, and curiosity, drawing inspiration from four real-life incidents. The narrative revolves around a group of individuals who are compelled to reveal their hidden traits when faced with challenging situations.

These are stories of Indian families living abroad. Whose center is the relationship between husband and wife.

Vibhu Kashyap, Qaeed Kujweriwala, and Ray Khan directorial incorporates different visions and showcases certain aspects of life which are never talked about but are always there. All three directors deserves to be applauded for the magic they have created with limited resources.

These stories especially speak to the inner self of the wives, in what circumstances they live in a foreign land, where their husbands usually chase their ambitions, work commitments, and not give much-needed time to family and relationships. .


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