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Film Review: PAATH (ShortFilm)

Ratings ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This story is from a small village in rajasthan, where due to poverty, a family struggling from a low class, in which there are 3 daughters in a family. And under the pressure of compulsion to run the family, parents of the girl, ignoring the age of that girl, make her deal with some people who mean young girls by their body.

But there is good as well as evil in the society, there God definitely sends someone or the other to help. And that role is played by Jackie Shroff, giving more money to the same father than the first deal after marriage, comes to that girl, where the girl's life has been saved from ruin and he also fulfills his lack of children for many years,

The film is starring Sarah Arjun as the main girl (Kamli), Kesar is played by Jackie Shroff, the girl's father is played by Raj Kumar Kanojia, Abhilash Thapliyal has also played his character well, the film's director, producer, writer Karan Singh Rathor is of a really good type, the dialogue is in Marwadi language, but you are comfortable. can understand,

The duration of the film is 19 minutes divided into five chapters, excellent screenplay, dialogues, well depicted story. And has given a very big message to the society, I would like the film to be screened at a higher level.


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