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FILM REVIEW: Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya : By SUYASH PACHAURI

FILM REVIEW: Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya




The story of the film begins with a happy and financially strong family of many family members located in Delhi, in which each member of the family is competing for the marriage of a young boy of the family, Aryan (Shahid Kapoor). Are engaged in pursuit of. Let's get her married by whatever means possible. As a result, all people are capable of having new relationships but still Aryan does not like any girl. Aryan (Shahid Kapoor) is playing the role of a robot engineer,

He is following the footsteps of his real ‘Maasi’ (Dimple Kapadia). Who is running a robot engineering company in abroad dicto human robot is making a human-like robot and to experiment on it to behave equally with humans in real life, she calls Aryan on the pretext where Aryan meets Sifra (Kriti Sanon) who is also involved in this. She playing the role of a robot.

Within a short time, Aryan starts getting attracted towards Sifra because she pays attention only to those things which Aryan likes. If seen, it is a reality that if a person does the same thing, says the same thing that you like, as…to understands what is in your mind, then you will fall in love with him, the same is happening with Aryan. Aryan does not know that Sifra is a robot made by his Maasi and after falling in love he realises that Sifra is a robot. And from there the story of the film progresses,

Aryan and Sifra's first scene, the scene where they both wake up when Sifra's battery runs out, is a really nice scene…Aryan’s Maasi came in to house…which was unexpected.

There are many such moments in the film where you will not be able to stop laughing, the first 30 minutes of the film will bore you a bit where you will see the film in a slightly ordinary form. After that slowly slowly you will start getting interested in the film, which is fine to a large extent. But the second half will keep the audience completely captivated. I will not say much about what you will really like, you should definitely watch the film once for that.


Many people will compare this film with 2010's Robot, which I was also thinking, you can say that the feelings…concept of the film is similar, but the main message of the film is something different. Which is related to the field of technology, no matter how good the technology is, it definitely has some or the other disadvantages, the way the modern era is progressing, this film will definitely be remembered in the coming decades. In this Kaliyuga, when technology will be at its peak.

After doing some of my research, I learned that humanoid robots have been tested in the past. Although this film is a fiction film and an entertainer film, it is very important to understand the message given in it. Because God has created man but you cannot compare the thing made by man with God's creation.

Here I would love to mentioned world no 1 robot; Sophia is considered the most advanced humanoid robot…Apptronik has worked on more than half a dozen humanoid robots over the past eight years, including NASA's Valkyrie. Apollo is the culmination of all this experience and is designed for manufacturability. Apptronik plans to field its robots in 10 pilot projects in 2024,

No 1 robot in the world?

The first humanoid robot was a soldier with a trumpet, made in 1810 by Friedrich Kaufmann in Dresden, Germany. The robot was on display until at least April 30, 1950.


Shahid Kapoor ; He is playing the role of Aryan, along with his dance moves, his acting is also very impressive which you will like very much.

Kriti Sanon; Sifra (she played the role of a human robot, and she really brought great impact to this film with her acting, she has different dialogues slangs which she has done many times in the same scene which is really very difficult. She is the backbone of the film.

Dharmendra ; He is playing the character of Aryan's grandfather, his work is fine. His character will seem like similar as. You saw him few months back released film in ‘Rocky Ki Rani Ki Prem Kahani,’ he has the same role as the scene, which is fine.

Rakesh Bedi; Plays the role of Aryan's father. And he has also played his character very well.

Rajesh Kumar ; He is playing the role of Aryan's brother, his role is simple but enjoyable, the difference is that he has spoken less dialogues and more slapped by people in this film which is funny ways…audience will like his performance.

Ashish Verma; He is Aryan's childhood friend who is also working with Aryan in the same company, the first punch dialogue in the film is spoken by him, he has a significant role in the entire film and he has played it very well. who has played a very good character

Grusha Kapoor; She his playing a role of Aryan's sister-in-law. There few very good scenes in the film, he has fulfilled his duty correctly.

Rashul Tandon; You must have seen him in the movie Pink, his role only a few scenes in the film of his dialogues are ok-ok.

Anubha Fatehpuria; She is playing the role of Aryan's mother and Dimple Kapadia's real sister, she has played her character well which the audience will like very much and laugh. You will get to see a funny moment when he talks to her “Sifra’’ on video call for the first time. Which I don't want to tell…for that you need to go to the theatre to watch film


The film is presented by Maddock Studios and JIO Studios. This film is directed and written by Amit Joshi and Aradhana Sah , The screen play is a bit slow at some places, but the dialogues, shooting locations and other areas are quite attractive. The direction of the film is of very good quality, the film is produced by Dinesh Vijan, Jyoti Deshpande, Akshay Kapoor, Sanjeev Mishra, Laxman Utekar. Film’s VFX works by Sumesh Desh , VFX edits is done by Deepen Majumdar 

The music of the film is given by Sahil Vishwakarma, composer Tanishk Bagchi.


The audience will like this film, people will definitely like to watch it once, who would not like Tomato FIR?

This is a family entertainer film, some different twists and turns will be seen. People of all age groups will like this film. This film will definitely get the benefit of Valentine's week as it will be focus to everyone for three days, which will be a good news from the film maker's point of view.

FILM REVIEW: Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya




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