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The film 'The Beekeeper', as its name suggests, is the story of a man who keeps bees. He (Jason Statham) is doing his work peacefully in some remote area in America. His neighbor, an elderly woman, keeps checking on his well-being. When this beekeeper reaches his neighbor's house with a jar of honey he has made, he finds her dead.

It is then revealed that Beekeeper Jason Statham is a Secret Service agent and then Jason goes into action mode to eliminate the corruption spread in the system. The first blame falls on the beekeeper. The woman's daughter is being investigated. Both of them face each other again. It turns out that even in a country like America, there are a lot of Online Scams (FRAUDS).

The uneasiness of clicking on the link is causing people to empty their accounts there too. Now this beekeeper sets out to find out where this money is going. The Beekeeper is actually a retired member of a secret society. A former CIA director knows about it. His son considers all this to be a joke misbehave and when his wife's introduction appears on screen for the first time, the real twist of the story comes. 'The Beekeeper' is a film by David Ayer. This film is related to online scams.


The focus of the one hour 45 minute film 'The Beekeeper' remains clear from beginning to end. There are some good tracks . Amazing background music. There are some witty one-liner dialogues. And, Jason Statham certainly has his own charisma. Jason Statham's character of Adam Clay has been created according to his bodybuilding. He is a trained beekeeper. Beekeeper is a group of American fighters created to protect the society. These are active at the time When normal agencies can't do anything. The entire group works just like the social structure of bees. The film gradually elaborates its story on what happens to the queen bee when she fails to give birth to proper children. Adam Clay has nothing but goals as he sets out to find and destroy those responsible for his neighbor's death.

Amy Raver Lampman plays the role of an FBI officer in the film. Amy has done the work of connecting the audience with the story in this character. Also starring Josh Hutcherson

In the film 'The Beekeeper', Amy Raver Lampman, in the role of the FBI officer who is pursuing Jason, is the balancing face of the film. She discovers that ordinary people are not behind what is happening. In this character, Amy has worked as a bridge connecting the audience with the story. Also starring is Josh Hutcherson.

How the story of these three chapters will expand, what kind of other characters will come in it, which characters will surprise the audience and which characters will appear to the audience as the faces of the events happening around them, this is the secret of the success of Jason's films. what is going to be the fate of a son who abuses his parents, the audience starts knowing after completing half the journey of the film. The helplessness of a retired CIA officer in front of his son and his compulsion to wag his tail in front of his wife has been played very well by actor Jeremy Irons. Jason Statham's films have a set formula.

Jason Statham's film 'The Beekeeper', which has become synonymous with brutal and gruesome action films, is the first great gift of the year for his fans. His acting is absolutely in place. Jason's talent in action scenes is second to none. His timing of dialogues and his relationships with other characters have been handled very neatly by David Ayer.


It was released on the big screen on 19th January. The film got limited screens but this film will definitely get success on BOX OFFICE. Even as we all know that more than three other movies released today theatrically 'The Beekeeper' is perfect for those who are fond of watching action thrillers. If you are also planning to watch this film you will be thrilled to watch action of this film.

This film is directed by David Ayer. has taken care of everything from location to VFX along with the acting of the actors in the film. The film is worth watching and his direction has also been highly appreciated. The film's producers are Jason Statham, David Ayer, Kurt Wimmer, Chris Long, and Bill Block. The film is written by Kurt Wimmer.


Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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