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From A Tribal Woman to A Princess, Apeksha Porwal Gives Versatile Performances

Apeksha Porwal is at her creative best while delivering the final camera shot. She has consciously picked projects that push her as an actress and help her constantly reinvent herself. Here are three characters that prove her mettle as an entertainer.

Apeksha debuted in Undekhi as a Bengali tribal girl, Koyal by completely going completely de-glam for the role. Apeksha learnt Bengali to get the character nuances right, and went an extra mile by creating a completely new body language, voice and did stunt training too, for her raw and almost barbaric action sequences.

In Dil Bekaraar, Apeksha stunned the audience by playing Mitali Pednekar, a young journalist from Mumbai in the 1980s. Apeksha nails her performance as she plays Mitali with ease.

Coming to her latest venture, Slave Market, Apeksha has made our nation proud by being the first ever Indian to play the lead in an Arabic series, where she plays a 1900s’ feisty princess Lavani. Apeksha was lauded for the authenticity that she brought to the character on the screen.

With every character, Apeksha has evolved as a performer. This competent talent has few projects in the pipeline, which includes the second season of Slave Market, and we cannot wait to see her surprise us with her next.


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