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“I knew I was obsessed”: A Million Miles Away actor Sarayu Blue reveals what drew her to Director Lulu Wang’s drama Expats

Prime Video regarding its upcoming series Expats featuring Nicole Kidman, Sarayu Blu and Ji-Young Yoo in pivotal roles.

After a successful year in 2023, with projects like To All the Boys’ spinoff XO, Kitty and Amazon Original A Million Miles Away, actress Sarayu Blue is all set to star in Prime Video’s upcoming drama series, Expats. Featuring alongside Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman, Blue portrays the role of Hilary Starr, a successful businesswoman with impeccable taste in fashion and a no-nonsense attitude, in the six-part limited series. The story centers on three American women whose lives dramatically collide after a mysterious disappearance. 

Sarayu Blue revealed the reason behind being drawn to the series. “Expats explores friendships among women, which resonates with me on so many levels, and just how complicated they can be, especially adult friendships,” expressed Blue. She further added, “It also explores classicism and privilege, and I love that we tackle that so wholeheartedly. I applaud Lulu for not circling around it and for unpacking something that needs to be looked at so blatantly. It’s exciting to see.”   

Janice Y.K. Lee’s best-selling novel, The Expatriates serves as  a lodestar for the series. However, director Lulu Wang has added her signature touch to the series with additional elements to each character’s unique story.  Talking about this, Sarayu Blue shared, “I got goosebumps the minute I started reading the scripts. Auditioning for them was interesting because I knew I loved the writing, I knew I was obsessed with this character, but I didn't know the whole story, and one of the things you see is, we do make a lot of changes compared to what the book story is.” 

Directed by Lulu Wang, Expats  features Nicole Kidman, Sarayu Blue and Ji-young Yoo in the headlining roles. The series will premiere exclusively on Prime Video with two episodes on January 26, 2024, and new episodes launching weekly until the finale on February 23, 2024.


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