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John Krasinski on making the third part of A Quiet Place

The eeriness, the tension and the suspense in the A Quiet Place installments have captivated audiences worldwide. John Krasinski's kernel of an idea grew into something unimaginable - for him and for us. After directing two successful A Quiet Place films, John Krasinski is stepping down as director for the upcoming prequel - A Quiet Place: Day One. Here's what he had to say about this move.


Krasinski says that for him the most exciting part of making A Quiet Place: Day One was creating a brand new world that no one had ever experienced before. Now, he is thrilled from a different perspective. He says, "It was time to explore how the rest of the world was dealing with this crisis,”


The two films also dangled tantalizing questions for viewers. What are these creatures and where did they come from? Why did they come to Earth? Can they be vanquished? While developing the newest installment, Krasinski found himself asking those same questions.


He added, “I especially wondered how people in a big city like New York - with all the chaos and noise there, all the millions of people, would respond. I wanted to take a place we all know and put it in extraordinary circumstances. New York City, whether you’ve been there or not, whether you like it or not, is instantly familiar. And in a world where murderous creatures can appear at any time, from any place they detect a noise, New York is not the best place to be. Seeing Michael take that idea and run with it has been every bit as satisfying. I loved watching every second of it.”


With A Quiet Place: Day One experience the day the world went quiet. Directed by Michael Sarnoski, this installment takes place before the events of the previous two films. A woman named Sam must survive an invasion in New York City by bloodthirsty alien creatures with ultrasonic sound hearing.

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