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Kashika Kapoor says, "Acting is one such art that I have always worshiped!" global bollywood...

Kashika Kapoor says, "Acting is one such art that I have always worshiped!"

Kashika Kapoor is one such box of a talented actress in the Bollywood industry who has made sure to rouse her name in the tinsel town with her immense hard work and dedication. The actress has never failed to grab the limelight with her astonishing looks and marvelous acting skills. She is an example of young talent in the industry who has accomplished so much at the age of 20.

Kashika is all set to make her big Bollywood debut now with Pradip Khairwair's untitled rom-com. The actress, who has appeared in numerous music videos and OTT series, has always been very grounded in her roots. Kashika, never letting her success reach her head, says, "Acting is one such art that I have always worshiped, and I am forever grateful that I have chosen this journey." Whatever work I've done up to this point has been special to me in some way, whether it's been music videos, series, or now my debut film. I love to challenge myself as an actor, and no matter what, one thing that I have always kept in mind is that no matter what level I reach in my career, I will always stay grounded in my roots. I just hope that the audience loves me all again with an open heart for my debut film as well"

The movie will cover a very delicate subject which is girl education with a strong message that will be sent to young people, but the story will also have many unexpected twists and turns the film is going to be helmed by

Pradeep is known for films such as 'Sarkar 3', 'Blind Love', and many others, and is now coming up with another project that is still untitled.

It is so rare to see such young talents like Kashika Kapoor making a space for themselves at a young age, which is only inspiring for all the young girls out there who dream of making it big in Bollywood.

We can definitely say that, with her unique style and charisma, Kashika Kapoor is sure to be remembered as one of the most talented actresses.


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