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Kashika Kapoor seeks unconventional subjects to keep growing as an artiste, says…

Kashika Kapoor seeks unconventional subjects to keep growing as an artiste, says, "Comfort in professional life scares me, I believe in Hustle"

Kashika Kapoor is a gorgeous 21-year-old actress who has made a name for herself in the Indian film business. Despite her young age, she is intensely focused and committed to her craft. Her debut film, Ayushmati Geeta Matric Pass, will be released soon, and she is already building a name for herself in the industry.

Kashika Kapoor says that professional comfort scares her. She believes that one should always strive for more and push oneself to attain their goals. She isn't satisfied with success; she wants to continue to grow and evolve as an artiste. She says, "I don't have time to pause. With my film releasing soon, I'm hoping to transition from one film set to another. There is no other way I would like it to be,” the actor grins. “I had always pictured myself doing this. Back-to-back projects and shoots. I had mentally prepared myself to live such a life.”

She further adds, "My journey in Bollywood will begin with an unconventional character like Geeta, and I want to be able to work with more such characters who force me to step outside of my comfort zone. Comfort scares me, I believe in hustle. In my personal life, I prefer to be easygoing, but in my professional life, anything uncomfortable excites me since I know that is where I will progress. Growth is never easy, and I'm always looking for ways to improve as an actor, and I hope it never ceases"

Kashika Kapoor's work reflects her passion for her craft. She has worked hard to hone her skills as an actor and has taken on demanding roles that have given her the opportunity to showcase her talent. Her hard work and dedication have paid off, and she is now one of the industry's most sought-after actress.

We can't wait to see what the actress has in store for us in the future!


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