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Kill actor Lakshya underwent rigorous 9 month training to play commando in Karan Johar's movie

Kill, starring the newest face of action Lakshya, is scheduled for theatrical release on July 5. It is not widely known that the actor has a wrestling background and underwent a rigorous 9-month training regimen for the film.Kill, starring Lakshya, is set to release in Indian cinemas on July 5 2024.

The movie which previously premiered at the Toronto Film Festival has been praised critically for its gripping storyline and intense action sequences.Former high school wrestling champion Lakshya went on a transformative journey to portray the role of an elite commando in this action-packed movie. He dedicated himself to 8-9 months of intensive training, drawing on his wrestling background to enhance his performance.

This intense preparation not only shaped him into a versatile actor but also highlighted his commitment to authentically embodying the role.

Reflecting on his journey, Lakshya emphasized, "Throughout this journey when I was like 17 – 18, I started off as a wrestler. I did couple of wrestling during my school days and during this film as well we trained for eight or nine months consecutively. So of course, like a lot of training has gone into it." 

The recently released trailer of Kill  narrates the story of gripping struggle for survival on a fast-moving express train. Lakshya and his girlfriend, Tanya Maniktala, confront a harrowing assault by an armed group, while the tension escalates with the arrival of Raghav Juyal in the role of the antagonist. Lakshya plays a soldier fighting to protect his beloved from the group of goons.


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