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Koël Purie-Rinchet Keeps It real About Motherhood & We Are Loving It! …

Koël Purie-Rinchet Keeps It real About Motherhood & We Are Loving It!

Koel Purie, a mother-actor-producer-writer is on tour with her new play, 'Mummy’s Dead, Long Live Mummy! that shows the real side of mother hood. As much as it’s playful fun and loving, it‘’s also relentless, boring and ugly. She is sharing the raw and unfiltered side of being a mother through her play and this has created a buzz on social media platforms. The show premiered in Paris recently. And critics said it was like the Vagina Monologues of mothering.

The play, Koel says, intends to break the myth and the glorification of being a Mother and parenting. Through the play she wants to point out that even when social media and experts try to be honest about parenting, they lie and make it appear joyful and fulfilling. She says, "It may be that for 30 seconds every few days, but most of the time it’s tough, heartbreaking, and guilt-ridden. I wanted to let myself and other mothers like me off the hook. The play is raw, painfully funny and at times painfully painful - much like my journey of motherhood.”

Koel’s professional life has panned beautifully over two decades and has worked with the biggest names of Bollywood and the list includes Late Irrfan Khan, Rahul Bose and Farhan Akhtar.

Koel will next be seen in Zoya Akhtar’s upcoming Netflix movie The Archies and Rajat Kapoor’s ‘Everyone loves Handa’. She has also written a fiction book which will be published this year. “This is a super exciting year for me - I’ve just wrapped two films after a long hiatus on not being on screen. I feel like I’m in my prime, living my best life,” says the actor in conclusion.


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