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Rani and Rishabh’s tale had just begun. A love so intense, deceit intertwined, A gripping thriller, with pulp combined.

Three years now passed, yet the thrill remains,

The plot thickens and so do the blames.

Passion bred contempt, trust set ablaze,

In love's dark shadow, crimes left a trace.

The newspaper brings, a tale untold,

Rishu and Rani's saga retold.

From whispers of past, their story renewed,

Mysteries unravel where lovers pursued.

Rani and Rishu, their saga goes on,

Spotted in Agra, mystery’s new dawn.

The chase reignites, suspense fills the air,

Their love story’s twists beyond compare.

Will their bond endure the trials of time?

Or will new deceit ring out love's chime?

Follow her scent, a perfume's sweet clue,

the absconding lovers, wanted! the thrill anew

_Phir Aayi Hasseen Dillruba coming soon only on Netflix_


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