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Saurabbh Roy is excited to have six movies releasing in 2023

Saurabbh Roy started his journey in Bollywood three years back as the lead actor with the film Luv Phir Kabhi with actors like Vidya Malvade Meghna Patel, Narendra Bedi and others.

2023 appears to be his year with six of his movies releasing with him in the lead. In each and every film of his has a new look. “I prefer to be in the character and hence I have experimented with my look. People may not like all of them but they will love all the characters,” says Saurabbh. One of his biggest strength as an actor is that he is versatile. His upcoming releases are “Is It Pyaarr’,’ Phir Chalein’, ‘Luv Tondon’, ‘Meghaa’, ‘Yaar Rangrezaa’ and one is still untitled.

Saurabbh trains regularly, continuing to work with coaches and mentors, and he strives to take on more challenging roles. “I am glad to work with few of talented directors like Raman Rishi Dwivedi, Ketan Bhanushali and Vinod Prajapati in my upcoming releases. Last 7 months of my life have been super tiring aI have had to travel from one shoot to another, but its been worth the effort.”

Currently he is busy preparing for Yaar Rangrezaa. Another feather in his cap is the fact that all the films are that all the movies are made under the banner of Rai Films, Ovez Productions and Hari Productions. Hari Productions is his own production house. As a producer he is trying to help the new actors by casting them in his films.

Is It Pyaarr is the love story of generation Y, they believe in casual relationships buit many times that grows into real love. Shot in Goa and directed by Ketan Bhanushali lead cast along with Saurabbh K Roy are Anuj Khurana and Rashmi Jha. Luv Tondon on the other hand is a fun romcom and shot entirely in Himanchal Pradesh.

Phir Chalein is about two broken hearts of two complete strangers while Megha is a suspense thriller. It deals with honour killing.

“Bollywood is an industry that gives space to talented people. When I had first come here to be an actor, I had never imagined that there will be six films lined up for release within one year an di will also be able to open my own production house. I have been lucky to have gotten this opportunity and ma grateful to my investors in trusting me.”


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