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Shama Sikander Hopes For a Better Tomorrow for Women on this International Women's Day…

*Shama Sikander Hopes For a Better Tomorrow for Women on this International Women's Day*

International Women’s Day is an annual event that celebrates all the amazing things women have achieved. Bollywood celebrities take this day as an opportunity to open up and share their views about women empowerment. They take pride in using the influence they have on people for spreading messages of hope and betterment.

Actress Shama Sikander has always opined on the rights of women and this year, she shares how she hopes the future will bring a much better world for women. "This year's

theme talks about how technology and education in the digital age can help the empowerment of women and girls across the world. I believe technology is the greatest tool for progress in today's era if used properly and through it women should learn to be safer, stronger more empowered because they can see the world on their finger tips today. This abundant knowledge that exists online is incredible. We never had that earlier. So if they really consume the right content and absorb and practice that, bring it into their daily interaction they can achieve anything and can never be taken for granted. Right Knowledge is the true power and thatswhy i said if internet is “used correctly and consciously “. Today is better than yesterday and I’m positive that tomorrow is a better than ever . when all women feel comfortable and safe in being themself, i wish for a time when we read the news and find no more crimes because all of us are healed and happy.”

It is a way to show how women have and continue to influence the world. As well as celebrating brilliant women, it's also used as a day to highlight and raise awareness about issues that women have faced in the past and still face today.


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