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Shri Praful Patel launched the trailer of Ebina Entertainment's film Dharamaraobaba AtramThe life story of Maharashtra's Cabinet Minister Dharmaraobaba Atram

Shri Praful Patel launched the trailer of Ebina Entertainment's film Dharamaraobaba Atram

The life story of Maharashtra's Cabinet Minister Dharmaraobaba Atram will soon be presented to the audience through a film. The grand trailer launch of the film "Dharmaraobaba Atram - Dilon Ka Raja," produced under the banner of Ebina Entertainment, took place at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. Rajya Sabha Member Praful Patel was present as the chief guest. Nitu Joshi is the producer of this film which is directed by Bhushan Arun Chaudhari . Actor Jitesh More portrayed the role of young Dharmaraobaba Atram in the film.

In this grand event, many special guests were present, including MLA Sandeep Dhurve, Minister Anil Patil, Minister Aditi Sunil Tatkare, Dinesh Waghmare, Abhimanyu, and Nisha Jamwal. Producer Nitu Joshi honored all the guests with flower bouquets. Everyone liked the trailer of the film .

Shri Praful Patel said, "I did not know that Baba ji could also act. Through this film, the work of bringing our country and this state's gems to the people is being done. Baba ji is the king of Ahiri. Ahiri is a tribal state, and he belongs to its royal family. His father died at a very young age, and he had to struggle a lot to reach here. Different aspects of his life are presented in this film. I am happy to see the trailer, but the picture is still pending. We all have come here after a lot of struggle; nothing is achieved without sacrifice and penance. Baba comes from the backward areas of the state, but with his efforts, significant changes are happening in the lives of tribals. He has changed the lives of millions of people. I wish producer Nitu Joshi all the best."

Producer Nitu Joshi said, "During the making of this film, I got to know Baba closely, felt his struggles, saw his responsibility towards society, and realized his contribution. Through this film, I also want to convey the message that it is necessary to give good values to the new generation so that they can do something remarkable in life. I wanted to make a film that would be inspiring for society. When I started researching, I went to Naxalite areas and heard about Baba. When he was only 14 years old, his father passed away, and after that, hearing about his struggles and work, I decided to make a film about him. In this film, we have shown Baba's journey from a tribal area to becoming a cabinet minister."

Minister Dharmaraobaba Atram said, "I got a new life. I drank the water of the drains, returned alive from the clutches of Naxalites, didn't know if I would come back alive from there or not." This entire journey is shown in this film.

Director Bhushan Arun Chaudhari said, "Even at this age, Baba ji is full of energy, and seeing his energy, I was relaxed . Jitesh did a good job in the film, capturing Baba ji's body language well. Making this film was a dream for me."

Actor Jitesh More said, "When I got the offer to play this character, I felt a lot of pressure. When people see me on screen, they feel like I resemble Baba. I worked under this pressure, and the director made my work quite easy."

On this occasion, Jitesh More also spoke a dialogue from the film, which is Baba ji's slogan, "Jal, Zameen, aur jungle hamara hai , and this rightful ownership is our right."

This biopic will be released soon.


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