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Suyash Pachauri’s cinematic journey is reaching its zenith with the impending release of upcoming feature film, ‘Karma Strikes.’ On ZEE 5.

Currently, Suyash Pachauri’s cinematic journey is reaching its zenith with the impending release of his feature film, ‘Karma Strikes.’ Serving as an Executive Producer , the film was shot against the scenic backdrops of America and the heart of Mumbai. This cinematic gem is poised to soon grace major OTT platforms, marking a promising new chapter in Suyash’s illustrious career.

Which is presented through a movie. One aspect of our life is our teacher from whom we learn a lot.

This teacher is not standing in front of us in any human form, as in the form of a man and a woman…This teacher is a teacher who lives with us invisibly from our birth…

and sees our every action and deed and with time we also realize what we did good and what was wrong, knowingly and unknowingly something wrong happened or happened to us.

If someone has been hurt by any of our actions, we are the cause of that person's sorrow and if we realize the matter. Let's admit that we have made a mistake and how can we correct it....or apologize for that.

Karma Strikes - India Location Mumbai

Based on this description, this movie is named after reality. “KARMA STRIKES

This film has been recognized internationally and the producer, writer, director of this film, Mr Karthik Swaminathan Venkataraman honored twice from Dadasaheb Phalke Award winner Karthik and his partners have completed this movie with their hard work and challenges.

Kartik Swaminathan Venkatraman, an engineering graduate, after working for 14 Years as a Senior Manager in Bank of America, quit his job and graduated in Filmmaking from New York Film Academy (New York City).

Having already written 3 feature films Screenplays and directed 5 Award's Winning Short films (10 International Awards and 25 nominations including 2 Dadasaheb International Film Festival nominations), Kartik started his own Production company named “Free Art Productions” and produced/directed his own written feature film screenplay titled “Karma Strikes''.

Karthik's fellow members who have also contributed immensely is how can I forget to talk about him in the movie The first name comes... Bodhaditya Bannerjee This is a very famous name. By Profession Se Film Editor Who Contributed His Personality To Many Big Banner Movies Named " PINK " (Amitabh Bachchan , Taapsee Pannu ) , " 102 NOT OUT " ( Amitabh Bachchan , Rishi Kapoor ) and My Favorite Film “Raid” (Ajay Devgan) and “CHEHRE” (Amitabh Bachchan, Emraan Hashmi) The Man of DOP “ Directors of Photography “ - “ SHU HIRAYAMA “ (USA)is a film-video director and cinematographer from Japan. He worked in a TV production company which is a subsidiary of MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System) for nine years. Prior to that Shu trained at the Japan Institute of Photography and Film where he took a two year Filmmaking and TVProduction program (2006 - 2008). Now that Shu Hirayama has decided to try and break into the American market, he has completed a one year conservatory program at The New York Film Academy (2016 - 2017). He has been a DOP for 3 Feature films, more than 20 Short films, won several International Awards and is currently working on a major feature film in the US (undisclosed)

KARMA STRIKES” is a family drama, romantic love story, and a very suspenseful thriller movie. Which you will get to see many such unthinking "twist and turns", This movie has been shot in India and America. The filming of the film has been done on a very large and high level. The music of the film, the songs of the film give you so much happiness and soothing feeling. The music of the film heart touching Songs is given by Akshay Vairagi...has also been honored with Dadasaheb Phalke Award for his music. Especially till now more than 25 short films he contributed to his music talent has won him International Award for 9 times. The songs of the film have been sung by renowned singers of the Indian film industry...

 Benny Dayal, Anurag Mishra, Sanah Moiduttya and Siddharth Salathia. “KARMA STRIKES” In the film, new faces of the film industry have been given a chance, yet they were extensively auditioned, selected for their acting excellence and each character has played their role perfectly. And most importantly, the cast also includes foreign actors and film crew. why I'm mentioning below about the crew and cast because this is not an easy job to hire a international expert crew member for a feature film so i want I want to try to explain how much struggles the film would have been made of and the best part is that the filmmaker didn't try to show you the famous face "Super Stars'' or renowned actress...but you have seen the reality in front of you with a normal way. It is...Emotions are needed not face to speak your words...

Amit Mishra as Anil Sharma, playing the lead role of the film, has played his character well. He did his studies from an acting studio and UCB New York, so far he has done four short films. He has done 4 short films for which he has won two International Awards for his acting. "Karma Strikes" is his first feature film. Amit's character ages from 30 to 53 in the film and for playing the same, Amit gained and then lost a lot of weight apart from perfecting the mannerisms and body language of an older man.

Yuvradnyee playing as Divya Gupta the second lead role is a theater artiste, a feat she has achieved since childhood. He has also done a lot of theater plays, he has acted in two Marathi feature films as the main character, first - “ Mazha Yalgaar “ , second - “ Hirkani ” Mainly he has currently completed a Hindi feature film as a lead character. The name of the film is "Void" Source : "Karma Strikes"

Here I'm talking about my favorite character in the movie whose name is Sagar Sharma. playing as Abhishek Malhotra An American born Indian actor, Sagar trained in the Acting Studio in New York City. He recently completed a web series for Apple TV as a Secondary lead which stars Edward Norton as the main lead. He has also been a part of several award winning short films. Source : "Karma Strikes"

Puja S Actress Puja. S studied acting in the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in the city of New York. She has been a lead in several short films and 2 of her feature films are in Post Production. Source : "Karma Strikes"

Jeongwon Lee Creative Producer - USA Jeongwon Lee is a Korean producer and director based in New York city. She has worked for eight years as a Producer and Account Executive in commercial projects with major Korean companies such as LG, IBK, and the Korean government. After moving to New York, Jeongwon Lee produced and directed short films and music videos such as "Into The Dark" and "Uncalled Guest". She has also worked on the branded film for fashion and cosmetic clients. Source : "Karma Strikes"

Akshata Honnavar Creative Producer - India An award-winning Indian director, screenwriter, and producer. For over 5+ years, she worked for Wizcraft International Entertainment one of the biggest event production companies in India, She has Produced and Executed over 500+shows which includes corporate, entertainment and government shows. She also has won many awards for her short films including Dada Saheb Phadke award and 2 Guinness world records. Source : "Karma Strikes"

Derya Celikkol Production Designer is a Turkish actor and production designer based in New York. After studying at the Experimental Theatre Wing of the Tisch School of the Arts, she has had the pleasure of performing in theatrical productions at La Mama, Dixon Place, and Players Theatre amongst other NYC venues.

She has performed in over 100 shows of Unmaking Toulouse Lautrec, for which she was an original devising member. She starred in numerous films including Daria the Great for which she received a "Best Actress" Award at the Lionhead Film Festival and Fairytale of New York with wide distribution in theaters in Turkey. Her production design work consists of award winning short and feature films, TV shows and commercials. Source : "Karma Strikes"

Picture : First Screening at Sunny Super Sound "Karma Strikes"

When I came to know this during my research when I was writing this blog, I became very emotional, got to know the difficulties they faced so I would like to share this with all of you that you know, making a film is like raising a newborn baby and raising your film like it mother and Father and family go through so many troubles behind this, they have to go through difficult times, you will be able to know better later… Read: Free Art Productions, which was set up as a production company in 2020 by Aafreen and Karthik, was to produce the film. With immense support from family and friends, he raised the necessary funds to start the film. When he ran out of money, he sold his house in Mumbai to complete the production of the film. The film was shot in difficult conditions during and after the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally after facing all the difficulties, it was accomplished against all odds due to hard work, talent and self-confidence from a team of outsiders. And you are seeing the result of hard work and hard work, I would request every person that you all must watch this film, and give encouragement to the entire team of "KARKA STRIKES" so that we can continue to think more and such main facts.

But he could make a film.


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