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Taj: Divided by Blood - Review All episodes - Global Bollywood

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The roots of the Mughalia Sultanate in India have been so vast that its story never disappoints the audience.

There is so much material in the pages of history about the life and reign of Emperor Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbar that it serves something new to the audience every time.

We have seen many blockbuster movies and shows on this subject before. Despite this, Abhimanya Singh's web show 'Taj: Divided by Blood' is one of the most complete stories ever made on this subject.

Story of 'Taj: Divided by Blood' Emperor Akbar is looking for a successor to his throne. Someone who can carry forward his legacy. be worthy But amidst their quest are the dirty politics, betrayals and bloody family feuds of the Mughal Empire.

A diplomatic battle for power has broken out where everyone has to win. But only time will tell who will win and who will be defeated.

Review of 'Taj: Divided by Blood' The plot of the series is set in an era when Akbar ruled almost the entire Indian subcontinent.

The show primarily focuses on Akbar's relationship with his three sons - Salim (Aashim Gulati), Murad (Taha Shah Badusha) and Daniyal (Shubham Kumar Mehra). All three are in the race to become the successor.

The flourishing Mughal Empire needed a strong successor. But the stories of the differences between these brothers, and their own personalities, make this series strong and engaging.

Although the series is based on true events, the makers have also used their creativity to portray the diplomacy going on inside the powerful and complex family of Akbar. While watching the series, many times you start thinking that what is being shown is factually correct.

There are a lot of characters in the series and almost each one of them has a different track. The good thing is that it does not get boring or deviate from the plot like other shows. These stories are fancifully intertwined on this extended canvas of the story of Emperor Akbar.

Like always, Naseeruddin Shah has done an incredible job in the role of Mughal Emperor Akbar this time too. He has breathed life into the complex personality of Akbar with his acting.

We see a ruler who is incredible. One who is so humane, considerate and generous towards others but also brutal and insensitive on many occasions.

However, Naseeruddin Shah's getup as Akbar looks less Shahenshah and more Albert Einstein. Aashim Gulati plays Salim in the series and he has a charm. He is fond of women and he plays this character very well.

Taha Shah Badusha plays the role of an angry and ruthless Prince Murad, but at times it seems that his expressions could have been better.

Shubham Kumar Mehra plays the character of God fearing and humble natured Daniyal.

Aditi Rao Hydari is fabulous as Anarkali in the series. But it is also true that he does not have much scope to do in the plot and story.

Sandhya Mridul and Zarina Wahab are fine actors and have used their talents to the fullest. Both are in the role of Akbar's wives Jodha and Salima. Rahul Bose is also good as Akbar's traitor brother Mirza Hakim.

With its long episodes and multiple twist-turn episodes, the web series continues to flow at its own pace. The best thing is that as a viewer, your interest remains. The canvas of the series is captivating.

It looks good too Historical iconic monuments, locations, grand sets, some real locations, crowd of people, animals, ammo, battlefield, the entire web series has been shot in such a way that you get a big screen experience while watching it.

The story also flows smoothly like a breeze. Neither fast nor slow. But the one thing that sticks are the dialogues.

A little more work could have been done on this.

Overall 'Taj: Divided By Blood' is thrilling and entertaining. Christopher Butera's screenplay keeps you hooked. The things that interest us in the story of royal families are all in this series.

Be it love, lust, diplomacy of power-hungry royals, it's all in this riveting story. It has always been fun to know the story of the Mughals, an empire that ruled the country. The one who was considered invincible.


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