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The entertainment industry has always been filled with comparisons: Read Full Story

The entertainment industry has always been filled with comparisons, and now there's another one involving actor and YouTuber Sahil Khattar. Known for his roles in movies like '83, where he portrayed the character of Syed Kirmani, and '200 Hallah Ho', where he played a serial killer, Sahil Khattar is being compared to Shah Rukh Khan's bald look in the movie 'Jawan'. When asked about this comparison, Sahil Khattar expressed his excitement, saying that being mentioned alongside SRK is overwhelming. However, he also mentioned feeling a bit surprised, thinking, "How can you compare me to SRK?" Sometimes, things are so good that they can even feel offensive. Nevertheless, Sahil believes that people tend to draw connections between unique identities. He cited examples like Rajnikanth going bald in 'Shivaji The Boss' and how comparisons were made then. Sahil is happy to fall into this category and have people associate his name with baldness, but he will be even happier when more individuals confidently embrace the bald look, just like SRK in 'Jawan' or how he carries it himself, along with other bald personalities. He believes bald is beautiful and SRK has proven it with his experiment in 'Jawan'. Sahil also mentioned that there are threads and memes about the bald look, including his face with the caption "Bekarar karke hum yun na jayeieye," and he feels great about it.


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