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Pakistani actors who came this close to working in Bollywood

Over the years, there have been numerous talented Pakistani actors who have ventured into Bollywood, bridging cultural differences to showcase their skills on the Indian screen. Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar, and Mahira Khan are among those who have successfully made their mark. However, a few Pakistani actors have chosen to stay away from Bollywood despite coming close to working in the industry. Here's a list of such celebrities:

Ayeza Khan Renowned for her role in "Mere Paas Tum Ho," Ayeza Khan has reportedly turned down multiple offers from Bollywood. One notable instance was when she rejected a film offered by Imtiaz Ali. At that time, she prioritized Pakistani projects, which led her to decline the Bollywood opportunity.

 Mere Paas Tum Ho will air on 2nd August only on Zindagi DTH service (Tata Play, Dish TV, D2H, Airtel).

Hamza Ali AbbasiHamza Ali Abbasi has taken a principled stance of not starring in any Bollywood film. Many reports say that he was offered Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Baby’ but refused to take it up due to his disapproval of the anti-Pakistani plots that he perceived in that movie. Despite receiving several offers from Bollywood, Hamza remains committed to his no-Bollywood policy.

Humayun SaeedA favorite among fans, Humayun Saeed has reached the pinnacle of success in the Pakistani film industry who is also seen in ‘Meray Pass Tum Ho’ the show that will be soon available to watch from the 2nd of August on Zindagi DTH service (Tata Play, Dish TV, D2H, Airtel). While he has been approached by many prominent Bollywood producers, Humayun has so far chosen to put those roles on hold. He expressed that he would consider working in Bollywood, but it has to be a really compelling project.

Fatima EffendiThe beautiful Fatima Effendi is best known for her role in ‘Kash Mai Teri Beti Na Hoti.’ She was well praised and offered a role by the renowned Bollywood director Anees Bazmee, who is the genius behind comedy films like Singh is King, No Entry, Ready, etc. Despite Anees Bazmee being the icon, the beauty Fatima Effendi decided to refuse the offer due to her limitations and personal boundaries of performing certain bold scenes on screen.


These actors have stayed true to their beliefs and priorities, opting to focus on projects in their home country rather than seeking opportunities across the border. Their decisions reflect their dedication to their craft and values.


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