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Vijay's No-Clothes Chronicles: Merry Laughter, Not Just Merry Christmas, on Film Companion's FC Front Row!

Film Companion kicked off the year's FC Front Row with a bang, hosting the dazzling cast of the much-anticipated film "Merry Christmas." With the charismatic Katrina Kaif and the versatile Vijay Sethupathi in the spotlight in conversation with the one and only Anupama Chopra, this star-studded ensemble promises a cinematic feast of electrifying on-screen chemistry. Under the guidance of the visionary Sriram Raghavan, the cast's interview on Film Companion was a rollercoaster ride into the magic and excitement that this dynamic trio is about to unleash on the silver screen.

Adding a pinch of humor to the mix, Vijay Sethupathi, when invited to an award show, casually dropped a hilarious bombshell: "Madam, I cannot come; I don't have clothes." Cue Katrina Kaif chiming in, suggesting it was the most polite way of turning down an invitation. Vijay, the candid star, spilled the beans on avoiding award functions like a pro, making the conversation not just entertaining but also refreshingly authentic.

Speaking of authenticity, Vijay Sethupathi boldly declared, "I am not a fan of anybody, kyuki agar hogaya then you only watch that actor's work which is not good for an actor." This guy knows the drill, steering clear of fanhood and embracing diverse viewing experiences. Vijay's unique philosophy sets him apart as an actor who dances to his own beat, valuing authenticity and artistic exploration over the fan-driven mainstream.

In a nutshell, Film Companion's FC Front Row with the "Merry Christmas" crew isn't just a must-watch—it's a chill and quirky joyride for all you cinephiles out there!

Watch the full interview on Film Companion’s YouTube channel today at 8pm


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