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Today, after a long time, I watched a good film whose story is very new, which is capable of giving a good message to today's modern society, which is very important for each and every person to know today.

The story of the film is That Dev who is playing by Shreyas Talpade returns to MP (Bhopal) India from New Zealand after a long time. And the reason for his return is the sudden death of his father. Just like by immersing his ashes. And after completing all the work of operating his house, property, land and bank account and locker, he should return to New Zealand.


As soon as Shreyas Talpade arrives in India, his childhood friend Gaurav who is playing by Gaurav Dagar comes to pick him up from the airport. Which will help him to complete all this work. While going back home, Gaurav stops the car outside the hospital. Where he goes to see his mother and also to meet Dev where he is at the end of his life.

The doctor tells Gaurav that your mother has very little time. Hearing this, he returns from the hospital to go home with Dev, and he stops his car in front of a house but that house is not Gaurav's. Rather, it is Anna who is playing by Vijay Raaz. Gaurav goes to meet Anna and takes Dev Shreyas Talpade along with him.

While Dev sees Gaurav, he tells Anna that the doctor has said that mother does not have much time now, then Anna looks at her astrology and tells that nothing will happen to your mother, her health will be fine tomorrow. Then after Gaurav touches the feet of Anna and leaves from there. Just then Anna says one thing to Dev , “जाने को नहीं होना”, the story starts from here, from where an earthquake comes in the life of Dev which turns his entire life upside down. The work he wanted to do in India is only for 10 days. When he arrives there, he spends 50 days there with his wife Jia, who is playing the role (Aksha Pardasany). She keeps contacting Dev continuously where she cannot get in touch with him and she decides to come to India. The story ahead is very surprising which no one would have imagined, the story from here onwards I mean the film. The second part will shake you and you will have to watch it in the cinema.


Presenter of the film is Gandhar Films & Studio Private Limited, Hindi film 'Kartam Bhugatam' is a crime thriller drama film, this film will be released in cinema on 17th May, the cast of the film is Shreyas Talpade (Dev), Vijay Raaz (Anna), Gaurav Dagar (Gaurav), Aksha Pardasani (Jia), in lead roles and Madhu (Anna's wife) who are the main characters. The story of the film is written by Soham Shah has done the best direction, you have written a very good story, the screenplay has been written so well and a extremely good direction has been done by him…Personally want to congratulate Soham in all three departments, absolutely gripping story written by him…you will enthralled when you watch the film in theatre, you will see Soham's work. will appreciate it a lotthe film's background music is done by Amar Mohile and the music director of the film, and lyricist director is Shabbir Ahmed, the film is directed by Soham Shah, there are some songs in the film which are composed by Mika Singh, Mello De. , sung by Sakshi Holkar.


Everyone in the film has played their roles very well, in which Shreyas Talpade (Dev) and Vijay Raaz (Anna) have done excellent acting, every viewer will appreciate their work, while the rest of the cast of the film is Aksha Pardasany (Jia), Gaurav Dagar ( Gaurav), and Madhu have done their job well, other actors have also done their acting well.


This film  Kartam Bhugatam  will be released tomorrow on Friday, 17th May in all theaters, this is not a big film. And the best thing is that the story of this film is completely new concepts story through which such a social message will be given to every person in the society who believes in Tantrik, Tantra Vidya, Black Magic, and Astrology. Are they going in the right direction? Or how correctly they use this type of knowledge and how wrongly, this main message will definitely go to the people who have complete blind faith and an awareness will arise in them and they will all turn towards the right person.

The promotion of this film has not been done in such a big way. But I have full hope that this film will be watch in large numbers, it is a new story and this film is made on a good conscious subject. The audience will definitely like it.





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