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The story of the film 'Mastane' is about the time when Nadirshah, the then ruler of Iran looted India and captured people to be sold as slaves. He encountered Sikhs for the first time while returning to Iran via northern Punjab. A few Sikh warriors had freed the sixes of Nadir Shah's soldiers. Nadir Shah felt that the ruler of Lahore could have a hand in this. He wants to know from the ruler of Lahore who are the Sikhs? The answer to this question is the film 'Mastane'.

Set in the historical backdrop of the year 1739, Mastane is a story of heroic courage and unwavering determination of Sikh warriors. It depicts how the Sikh warriors with their valor and determination defeated the Mughals of that time by the grace of the Guru. It is the first film made in Punjabi language which is releasing in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

Sharan Art, who has directed hit Punjabi films like 'Sardar Mohammad', 'Galwakdi' and 'Rab Da Radio 2', faithfully tells the story of the valor, sheer courage and unwavering resolve of the Sikh warriors through the film 'Mastane' . ' has been introduced. The story of the film may fade a bit before the interval, but the thrill remains intact. The film not only depicts the steadfast courage and unwavering determination of the Sikh community, Rather weaves the story with a beautiful love story that gives a good glimpse of the romantic feelings between actor Tarsem Jassar and actress Simi Chahal.

The biggest challenge for any period film is to present the atmosphere and costumes of that period on the screen, so that the audience can connect the story of the film with reality. The story of the film is based on the backdrop of 18th century Lahore. The specialty of this film is that the director of the film has presented the set design and costumes of that period very closely. The visual effects and background music of the film make the scenes of this film extremely effective.

Cinematographer JP Singh has beautifully presented 18th century Lahore, while the editing of the film is such that no scene of the film lets you feel bored. The weak link of the film is its music and its color scheme. The tightness that should have been required in the composition of the music of the previous centuries is not felt here.

The film stars actress Simi Chahal in a stellar performance. Simi Chahal's screen look in the film is very good and there is depth in the dialogues spoken by her, which touches the heart. Zahoor is played by actor Tarsem Jassar in the film. While he has tried to do complete justice to his character, Gurpreet Ghuggi has delivered an impressive performance in the role of Qalandar. In the film, a different style of actor Rahul Dev has been seen in the character of Nadir Shah. In the rest of the cast, the performances of actors like Karamjit Anmol, Arif Zakaria, Avtar Gill, Honey Mattoo and Baninder have come to the fore.


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