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The controversial film 'Hamare Baarah' has finally got the approval from the court for release. After some dialogues/scenes changed and muted.

The film now released in theatres today’s June 21. The makers have made three changes in the film, after which the Bombay High Court has given permission to screen it. After a thorough review of the film, the court has said in its order that there is nothing objectionable against the Quran or the Muslim community in the film. Not only this, instead, the court has found that the purpose of the film is 'empowerment of women'.

The court said that three dialogues in the film have been changed and all other controversial parts have been removed. The High Court bench also advised the makers to make separate edits to ensure this. For example, in a scene in the film, a character threatens to kill his daughter while taking the name of God. The court suggested that this line can be removed, as it will not compromise creative liberty.

The court said, 'Three dialogues have been muted. This film is actually for the upliftment of women. In the film, a Maulana misinterprets the Quran, in the same scene a Muslim man objects to this. It is shown in this that people should use their mind and discretion and should not blindly trust such Maulanas.

The background of ‘Hamare Baarah’ is based on Uttar Pradesh. In the film Hamare Baarah, a woman takes her father to court.

So that her mother, who is going through a risky pregnancy, can get the right to abortion. The story of the film is based on a social problem.

But despite this, the film has faced opposition from some conservative people. The story of this film Hamare Baarah revolves around the struggle of women and population control.

In the film, you will get to see the story of women's troubles, pain and men misbehaving with women in the name of religion.

The film Hamare Baarah has garnered critical attention for its bold story and exploration of the sensitive topic of population growth. Starring Annu Kapoor, playing Nawab Sahab , Manoj Joshi playing Moman (Advocate) and Paritosh Tripathi playing Shahnawaz Ali , Rahul Bagga playing Shoaib Ali  , Parth Samthaan playing Danish Mohan , Ashwini Kalesar playing Aafreen Kiyakat (A Female Advicate) Aditi Bhatpahri paying Alfiya and Ankita Dwivedi playing Rukhsaar Hamare Baarah promises a thought-provoking film experience. The story of Hamare Baarah film depicts that aspect of society, which people know about, but no one raises voice against it. The story of the film highlights social issues like the struggle of women and increasing population.

I would not like to give any rating to this film because I did not find such a big flaw in this film which was apparently banned by the court.

If I look at this film like other films, it only gives a message about population. Which is just like the rest of the films. But there was no Hindu-Muslim angle in it. I think people have become convinced that if the court stops the release of a film. So he links it with Hindi-Muslim. Everyone in the film has done their acting properly. And the script of the film is a social message based story.

The direction of the film is done by Kamal Chandra, the story of the film is written by Rajan Agarwal, the producer of the film is…Birendra Bhagat and Ravi S Gupta. I can't say whether this film will be released on OTT platform or not but, the average opening of the film is...I don't think that people will like watching it more, or will wait for when it will be streamed on OTT platform.


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